May 1, 2009

Grant Guidelines and Declining Stock Prices

We just sent the March-April issue of The Corporate Executive to the printer. This issue includes pieces on:

– Grant Guidelines and Declining Stock Prices
– Excessive Windfalls in Compensation Once Stock Prices Recover
– Two Fundamental—and Very Relevant—Considerations for High Level Executives
– Executives Surrendering Underwater “Mega” Grants
– Important, Timely Guidance on the Accounting Treatment of Acceleration of Vesting—Including Ramifications for Underwater Options
– Important, Timely Suggestions from a Respected CEO

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Corp Fin’s Latest CD&I: XBRL Boxes for 10-Q/10-K Cover Pages

As we flagged early last week in this blog, companies need to place a new box on their Form 10-Q and Form 10-K cover pages, even if they won’t be filing in XBRL anytime soon (see our new cover pages available in Word). Yesterday, Corp Fin issued a new “Exchange Act Form” Compliance and Disclosure Interpretation – CD&I 105.04 – to deal with the many questions being asked on this new box.

The SEC’s New Risk Identification & Assessment Initiative

Yesterday, the SEC announced an enhanced effort to identify and assess risks in the markets by getting help for its Office of Risk Assessment through a new “Industry and Markets Fellows Program.”

Back in ’04, under former SEC Chair Donaldson’s tenure, the Office of Risk Assessment was created (after getting the idea from former Chair Pitt) – but it was only staffed with a handful of folks and the office chief left after a few years and was never replaced. Now it looks like this Office will be staffed more appropriately.

– Broc Romanek