December 8, 2004

Sample Disclosures: Warning Letters Received from Outside Auditors

In our “Internal Controls” Practice Area, I have posted samples from companies that have disclosed the fact that they have received “red letters” and “yellow letters” from their independent auditors, courtesy of Mark Adams of Cleary Gottlieb.

At an ALI-ABA corporate governance conference last week, I heard Lynn Turner, former SEC Chief Accountant, state his belief that companies should get “dinged” by investors if they receive this type of letter – but don’t timely disclose their existence.

Relaunch of

Now that is more than just “course materials,” we have uploaded much more content – and built two special sections in the left column of the home page: one for those involved with proxy disclosure and one for those involved with setting pay levels.

Speaking of proxy disclosures, we have posted “12 Questions to Ask NOW When Drafting Proxy Disclosures!” to give you a sense of the importance of the January 13th webcast. Take advantage of our special renewal rates and special catch-up rates that expire next week!

Early and Full Cooperation Often Best When Dealing with SEC

In this interview, catch up with Larry Byrne on Early and Full Cooperation Often Best When Dealing with SEC to learn how he succeeded in getting his client a settlement with Enforcement with no fine!