September 8, 2004

Agenda & Speakers Announced for

We have posted the Agenda & Speakers for our “Executive Standards – Meeting the New Standards” conference set for October 20th – available live in San Fran or by video/audio webcast.

It took so long for us to develop the program because each speaker was closely vetted during long hours of phone conversations – to ensure the program will be much more responsible and practical than any conference ever conducted before it. We hope you agree – look at the bulleted descriptions of each panel to see if our efforts have paid off.

We have also added a reasonable firmwide rate for multi-office law firms – only $2999 for anyone in your firm to access the webcasted conference, live or archived – as well have access to all the resources of! So register now!

SEC Issues Proposed NYSE Governance Listing Standards Changes

The SEC has issued proposed changes to the NYSE governance listing standards. The amendments – as was summarized in our September E-Minders – are intended to make clarifying language changes consistent with interpretations provided by the NYSE in response to questions and in its published FAQs, and also changes to Section 303A.02 to align it more closely with the similar standards of other listing markets.

Note the NYSE initially filed the amendments with the SEC on August 3rd and requested SEC approval on an expedited basis – but an amendment was filed on August 30th deleting the expedited approval request. The new SEC release states that the amendment also makes changes to the proposal’s description – and replaces the original filing in its entirety.

The SEC’s Recruitment Video

The SEC has posted a short recruitment video in its continuing efforts to find more staffers – starring role for John Stark of Enforcement and Paul Roye of IM (nice cameo by the dapper Keir Gumbs). It’s a nice video (with some repeated odd scenes of kids on their bikes, I guess to give the feel of investor protection).

In its ongoing efforts to find accountants, the Corp Fin web page now features a rotating banner in the top right corner – “CPAs Wanted.”