October 1, 2003

SEC to Consider Shareholder Access

As reported today by the NY Times, SEC officials noted after Chairman Donaldson’s Senate testimony on NYSE governance that the shareholder access rules will be considered next Wednesday, October 8th at an open meeting.

However, the Times incorrectly reported that the SEC would be approving these rules – hopefully, that was not the tone of the SEC officials! They have to be proposed and subject to public comment first.

October Eminders is Up – So is the “2004 Proxy Season Resource Center”!

We have posted our October Eminders – and launched the 2004 Proxy Season Resource Center.

For subscribers of, the 2004 Proxy Season Resource Center includes new activities for you to consider during this proxy season, either as required by law or as a matter of prudence.

There is ample commentary, analysis, sample disclosures and sample documents. For example, courtesy of John Newell of Goodwin Procter, we have posted a comprehensive “Time & Responsibility Schedule for Accelerated Filers.” We will be continuously adding new content as the proxy season wears on.