July 31, 2003

For subscribers, we have

For subscribers, we have posted the transcript of yesterday’s “50 Nuggets” webcast at Please give me feedback/pushback on any of the nuggets and whether you liked format of program – I hope to update the transcript with tidbits as i get feedback from the community.

Yesterday, SEC chairman Donaldson gave a one-year anniversary of SOX speech at Nothing much new was said – but some of the Q&A was interesting, particularly the focus on the media on getting some of the former Enron execs in jail (for which the SEC has no authority).

You got the sense that his tenure might ultimately be judged on whether these alleged fraudsters at Enron and other scandal-ridden companies go to the “pokey.” And the answer to the shareholder access question indicated that it was quite likely that the SEC will adopt rules quickly in this area.