March 6, 2023

SEC Hiring Spree: Corp Fin OCC Positions Now Open

The SEC appears to be on a hiring spree these days. I recently noted on the Blog that the SEC was seeking to hire someone to serve as the Chief of Corp Fin’s Office of Mergers & Acquisitions. Now, the SEC is seeking to fill open spots in Corp Fin’s Office of Chief Counsel, where Dave used to lead the Division’s interpretive function. Dave notes:

The SEC has posted two announcements on the USAJobs website for open positions in Corp Fin’s Office of Chief Counsel. One of the announcements describes the general responsibilities for someone serving in the Office of Chief Counsel, while the second announcement seeks a candidate who has experience with compensation and employee benefit plan issues that arise under the securities laws.

I always say that the time I spent in OCC was the highlight of my career – no where else can you encounter so many questions about every aspect of the laws regulating capital raising and public disclosure. In the old days, getting a position in OCC was usually only possible by rising through the ranks in Corp Fin, so it is great that the Division is now posting these positions for candidates from the outside. For any securities lawyers out there who are considering a new challenge, I encourage you to consider these rare opportunities quickly – the postings close on March 14th.

John Jenkins