March 22, 2023

Proxy Disclosure & 20th Annual Executive Compensation Conferences: Blockbuster Lineup for Practical Guidance!

The clock is ticking on the “early bird” registration deal for our pair of combined “Proxy Disclosure & 20th Annual Executive Compensation Conference.” The agenda lineup is in place – 19 panels over 3 days – full of practical action items from leading experts in our community. Sessions include:

1. Erik Gerding: The Latest From Corp Fin

2. The SEC All-Stars: Proxy Season Insights

3. Board Leadership Disclosures: Lessons From Corp Fin’s Sweep

4. Director Skills & Backgrounds: Why Your Disclosures Need a Refresh… & How To Do It

5. Proxy Fights: Practical Steps for UPC’s Sophomore Year

6. Proxy Disclosures: 12 Things You’ve Overlooked

7. Shareholder Proposals: Finding Success in a Challenging Environment

8. The Latest on Rule 14a-8 No-Action Relief

9. Political Spending: Practical Governance & Disclosure Steps for Fraught Times

10. Human Capital Management: Are You Ready for Detailed Disclosure?

11. Insider Trading & Buybacks: What You Need to Do Now

12. Cyber Risk Disclosures: Key Action Items

13. Climate Disclosures: Requirements & Risks

14. The SEC All-Stars: Executive Pay Nuggets

15. The Top Compensation Consultants Speak

16. Pay Versus Performance: What’s New for Year Two

17. Clawbacks: Key Action Items Now

18. ESG Metrics: Beyond the Basics

19. Navigating ISS & Glass Lewis

I’m very proud of the group of experienced speakers that we’ll be bringing together here – lots of former SEC Staff and other heavy hitters – it’s difficult to spotlight specific folks because everyone is so great! And (especially now that I’ve returned to private practice) I’m excited to get practical guidance as we head into another challenging proxy season & grapple with SEC rule changes, Delaware law issues, an unpredictable political environment, and more.

The Conferences are virtual, September 20th – 22nd. You can bundle registration with the “2nd Annual Practical ESG Conference” that’s happening virtually on September 19th, for an additional discount. Register online by credit card – or by emailing Or, call 1.800.737.1271. Here’s a reminder of the benefits of attending:

– The Conferences are timed & organized to give you the very latest action items that you’ll need to prepare for the flurry of year-end and proxy season activity. Why spend time & money tracking down piecemeal updates to share with your higher-ups & board – all while you’re under a deadline and have other pressing obligations, increasing the risk of mistakes – when you can get all of the key pointers at once?

– Unlike some conferences, the on-demand archives (and transcripts!) will be available at no additional charge to attendees after the event, and you can continue to access them all the way till July 2024. That means you can continue to refer back to the sessions as issues arise. Again, saving time & money.

– Due to new SEC rules, the shareholder proposal environment, the increasing emphasis on risk oversight and pressures that companies are facing from both ends of the political spectrum, the performance of boards, individual directors and – thanks to Delaware’s latest spin on Caremark, individual officers – will be subject to greater & greater scrutiny in the coming proxy seasons. That could affect director elections, as well as your company’s ability to raise capital, and your directors’ and officers’ exposure to derivative claims. Our expert panelists will be sharing practical action items to protect your board & officers – and risks to watch out for. Facing a low vote for any director is a nightmare scenario, even if you’re not the target of a proxy contest. This event will empower you to avoid that situation.

Liz Dunshee