February 15, 2023

Timely Takes Podcast: Covington’s Matthew Franker on Non-GAAP CDIs

Check out the inaugural edition of our “Timely Takes” Podcast featuring my interview with Covington’s Matthew Franker on the Non-GAAP CDIs that the Staff issued last December. These podcasts are intended to provide a forum through which experts can share their views on recent developments or emerging trends that we think our members would be interested in learning more about. In this 7-minute podcast, Matt addressed the following topics:

– What issues did the SEC address in its most recent round of Non-GAAP CDIs?
– Do the CDIs add new guidance or reinforce what the Staff of Corp Fin has been saying in the comment letter process?
– Should we expect a renewed enforcement focus on Non-GAAP compliance issues following the CDIs?
– What are the key takeaways for public companies from this latest round of CDIs and the Staff’s overall approach to Reg G compliance?

If you have insights on a securities law, capital markets or corporate governance trend or development that you’d like to share, I’m all ears – just shoot me an email at

John Jenkins