October 28, 2022

Transcript: “Cryptocurrency – Making Sense of the State of Play”

Crypto folks have been saying that they want the SEC to regulate these assets and related transactions with tailored rules. That was a theme in our recent webcast, “Cryptocurrency: Making Sense of the State of Play” – with Ava Labs’ Lee Schneider, Liquid Advisors’ Annemarie Tierney, Cooley’s Nancy Wojtas, and Coinbase’s Jolie Yang.

The transcript for that program is now available, which will be a helpful guide to anyone looking to responsibly navigate the securities law complexities of this work. Lee, Annemarie, Nancy & Jolie covered:

1. Overview of Regulatory Issues & Risks

2. Structuring Deals, Resales & Products in the Current Regulatory Environment

3. How to Handle Cryptocurrency Use in Transactions

4. Learnings from Recent High-Profile Token Collapses

5. Will the Ethereum Merge Affect the SEC’s Analysis?

6. Predictions & How to Prepare

One recurring takeaway was that practicing in this space is best suited for people who like a challenge.

Liz Dunshee