October 24, 2022

Before, During and After a Breach: The Questions Boards Should Ask

In recognition of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, I recently spoke with my colleagues Miriam Wugmeister and Alex Iftimie on MoFo’s Above Board podcast about cybersecurity exposure preparedness for board members, including:

– How to think about cybersecurity alongside other enterprise risks;
– The board’s role before, during, and after an incident;
– How to approach cybersecurity risks alongside other enterprise risks;
– When to escalate cybersecurity incidents to the board;
– Regulatory expectations for the board’s oversight of cybersecurity;
– Questions boards should ask; and
– How the SEC’s proposed rules will impact a company’s approach to cybersecurity.

The Above Board podcast is featured in MoFo’s Above Board Resource Center for directors and those who advise them.

– Dave Lynn