September 23, 2022

The Book of Jargon: Sound Like a Crypto Hipster – Not a Lame Boomer!

As a parent of three kids who straddle the Millennial – Gen Z divide, I know that one of the (many) ways that Boomers like me really make members of younger generations roll their eyes is by being clueless about the latest pop culture jargon. I admit that I’m not real up to speed on that stuff.  I mean, I know a little about hip-hop and have picked up some of the jargon over the years, but as I’ve said before, my kids think I’m dorkier than Ari Melber when I attempt to use it.

I’m not much of a crypto or Web 3.0 guy either, and I bet the same is true for many of you as well. But maybe Latham & Watkins’ latest “Book of Jargon” can help us out. It’s a glossary of jargon relating to blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, Web3, NFTs, and the metaverse & is likely indispensable if you find yourself having to fake your way through a meeting with folks in this, uh, “space.”

On the other hand, your facility with this jargon probably won’t impress your kids, unless of course they work in crypto – in which case why should you care if they’re impressed, since they’ve probably moved back into your house by now?

John Jenkins