September 13, 2022

A Conference Preview: Adapting to Market Volatility

I cannot believe that we are only one month away from our upcoming conferences: the 1st Annual Practical ESG Conference, the 2022 Proxy Disclosure Conference and the 19th Annual Executive Compensation Conference. Over the course of this week, I thought I might give you a preview of the topics that I plan to address when conference day arrives!

On October 14 at the 19th Annual Executive Compensation Conference, I look forward to joining the SEC All-Stars for our hour-long panel on Executive Pay Nuggets. The All-Stars joining me on the panel are Mark Borges, Brian Breheny, Meredith Cross, and Ron Mueller. We have a lot to cover on that panel, but my particular focus will be on discussing the impact of market volatility on executive pay. Companies are currently grappling with significantly volatile market, with many companies seeing their stock prices decline substantially during 2022. For the companies that utilize equity as a key component of their overall employee, director and executive compensation programs, volatile markets can significantly disrupt compensation plans and programs, while for the participants in equity compensation programs, volatile markets can create a whole host of issues that must be carefully considered. The topics that I plan to discuss with my fellow panelists include:

– Option repricing strategies;
– Hedging and pledging policies and practices;
– The impact of volatility on Rule 10b5-1 plans;
– Addressing volatile markets with equity grant practices; and
– The impact of volatility on “moonshot” awards.

For more on these topics, be sure to check out the May-June 2022 issue of The Corporate Executive and the transcript and replay of our recent webcast, “Executive Compensation & Equity Trends in a Volatile Environment,” available on

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– Dave Lynn