September 29, 2022

62 Ways to Make Your Life Easier

We’ve recently freshened up all 62 Handbooks here on – covering securities law topics from “Accountant Changes & Disagreements Disclosures” to “WKSIs”… and everything in between. These are essential resources, whether you are simply getting the “lay of the land” – or trying to quickly answer a complex question. We’ve gathered all of the guidance, practice tips, and common questions & answers into one place.

Our Handbooks are organized in an easy-to-navigate format, where you can either search or use the table of contents to find the specific issue you’re dealing with. In addition, pull up the “Detailed Table of Contents” for “Proxy Season Disclosure” and “In-House Essentials” to quickly find which Handbook is on-point.

We also maintain over 300 checklists that lay out practical step-by-step guidance on topics commonly encountered by corporate secretaries – and a “cheat sheet” that is a life-saver for staying on top of all of the SEC’s rulemaking activity.

There’s a reason why many of our members make these resources their first stop for daily issues that arise. If you aren’t already a member with access to these resources, sign up now and take advantage of our no-risk “100-Day Promise” – During the first 100 days as an activated member, you may cancel for any reason and receive a full refund.

Liz Dunshee