August 16, 2022

Nasdaq Diversity Matrix: Deadline for Future Years

For those looking ahead to future “diversity matrix” disclosures, Nasdaq recently posted FAQ 1837:

The deadline for filing a subsequent Matrix is the same as the Effective Dates pursuant to Rule 5605(f)(7) (i.e., after filing the initial Matrix, a company will have the later of: (ii) two calendar years after August 6, 2021; or (ii) the date the company files its proxy statement or its information statement (or, if the Company does not file a proxy, in its Form 10-K or 20-F) for the Company’s annual shareholders meeting during the 2023 calendar year).

So far, Nasdaq has posted 50 Listing FAQs on its board diversity rule – which you can find by searching with “diversity matrix” key words. Check out the resources in our “Nasdaq” Practice Area and our “Board Diversity” Practice Area for more guidance on navigating NASDAQ’s disclosure rule – and other legal and investor-based requirements.

Liz Dunshee