May 19, 2022

The SEC is Hiring: Is it Your Time?

Noting the striking decline in headcount in Corp Fin that was outlined in Chair Gensler’s budget testimony this week, I see why the SEC seems to be posting a lot of open jobs these days. As anyone who has ever tried to get a job at the SEC knows, the hiring window there tends to open and close randomly. Right now, the window seems to be wide open.

My guess is that the SEC is experiencing the same sort of challenges attracting and retaining talented staff that we are all facing. The war for young talent in the legal profession has pushed compensation to unprecedented levels, and the SEC has no way of competing with that trend. I also fear that, as with so many other organizations, the esprit de corps that the SEC has been long known for has been tested by two years of working remotely due to the pandemic (the Staff is still not back in the office).

Even with all of those challenges, I still think the SEC is a great place to work and well worth considering, particularly if you have already had a few years of law firm experience doing capital markets and public company work. Corp Fin is made up of very talented Staffers that you can learn a lot from, and it is a great way to distinguish yourself in your legal career. I am always grateful for my two tours in Corp Fin, which were truly highlights of my time practicing law. If you ever consider applying to work in Corp Fin, please reach out to me, I would be happy to discuss it with you.

– Dave Lynn