May 11, 2022

EDGAR’s Doing Strange Things With Some Filings

Last week, a member asked a question in the Q&A Forum about whether anyone else was experiencing a situation where an EDGAR filing had been made & accepted but wasn’t showing up on the SEC’s website for several days.  Nobody responded – and I hadn’t heard anything – so I assumed that this might be an isolated problem. It turns out that’s not the case. Yesterday, I received the following heads up from a member confirming that multiple filers are experiencing this same issue with EDGAR:

We have had multiple clients in the past week that have experienced issues with EDGAR where a submission was made and accepted, but it doesn’t show up on EDGAR for several days. (When it shows up on EDGAR, it is placed in the correct time when accepted.) We’ve contacted the EDGAR office about this and they are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. (For what it’s worth, we’ve heard that sometimes the filing show up on Westlaw or other third party vendor much sooner than it shows up on public EDGAR, so it is likely a glitch in the public EDGAR system.)

Apparently, some filings may show up on the “Latest Filings” page before appearing on the company’s page, and we’re told that if you keep refreshing the site, your filing will eventually show up.

John Jenkins