May 24, 2022

Climate Change Comments: The CII’s 38-Page Letter

Earlier this month, the SEC extended the deadline for its controversial climate change disclosure proposal. Thousands of comments have been received so far. While most of the late-landing letters have come from individuals, there have also been thoughtful comments along the way that examine the SEC’s rulemaking authority and the impact on smaller companies.

Last week, the Council of Institutional Investors added its 38-page letter to the mix. Here’s a summary from CII’s LinkedIn post:

CII’s May 19 letter to the SEC, penned by General Counsel Jeff Mahoney generally supports the basic disclosure requirements in the commission’s March 21 proposed rule on “The Enhancement and Standardization of Climate-Related Disclosures for Investors,” but also recommending changes to the proposed initial compliance dates and to the threshold for the proposed footnote disclosure on climate-related metrics and impacts. Overall, CII supports the SEC’s proposed disclosure requirements on climate-related risks, Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions, and Scope 3 emissions with certain accommodations for companies.

Among other changes, CII is urging the SEC to extend the compliance date for climate disclosure by at least one year. It supports the proposal to include financial footnote disclosure about climate-related metrics – but not the “bright-line” 1% threshold. Rather, CII supports a more traditional “reasonable investor” materiality test.

CII supports the provisions of the proposal that would require disclosure about board oversight of climate-related risks, the potential & actual impact of material climate-related risks, scenario analysis, and emissions disclosure. For Scope 3 emissions, CII suggests a liability safe harbor, an exemption for smaller companies, and other accommodations to ease the corporate compliance burden. The comment letter also suggests extending the compliance date for the proposed attestation requirement.

We are closely monitoring the proposal – and we’re wading through the practical disclosure & process implications so that you aren’t caught flat-footed when your directors and investors ask about your plan. If you haven’t already bookmarked the transcript from our April webcast with Sidley’s Sonia Barros, Travelers’ Yafit Cohn, NuStar Energy’s Mike Dillinger, and our own Dave Lynn & Lawrence Heim, head over there now. This conversation wasn’t just a review of the proposal – we discussed what you need to do now to prepare for final rules as well as investor demands.

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Liz Dunshee