April 26, 2022

The SEC’s Older Investor Roundtable

I struggle to admit to myself that I might be interested in what happens this week at the SEC’s Older Investor Roundtable, which takes place (virtually) this Thursday. But as much as I try to deny the relentless advance of time, the constant stream of AARP mailings to my household serves as a constant reminder that there is a reason why they call me a “Senior Editor” around here.

The Older Investor Roundtable is hosted by the SEC and NASAA and features AARP. The SEC describes the event as “a multi-topic listening session intended to encourage input and feedback from senior and older communities.” The roundtable will focus on the experiences of older investors, those with diminished capacity, their loved ones, and caregivers for the purpose of informing rulemaking and policy decisions.

– Dave Lynn