February 28, 2022

Be Prepared: Cyberattacks Target Supply Chain

Supply chain disruptions continue to grow. Last week, the largest international logistics company in the US shut down most of its operations after announcing a cyberattack (see reports by ZDNet and the WSJ). This follows several supply chain attacks over the past few months – including a ransomware attack on Switzerland’s Swissport airport management services and a data breach that affected Germany’s billion-dollar logistics firm Hellman Worldwide – along with chatter from cyber-criminals last fall that they have access to networks for companies in the supply chain and are targeting that sector.

This is one of those areas where if you have been informed of a specific issue, your risk factors need to be tailored accordingly. So, do your procurement folks know to keep you in the loop? Do you have a sense for what type of disruption would warrant discussion with your board? As Dave blogged last week, the Russian conflict also means that cyber threats have grown to unprecedented levels for companies and the infrastructure that we all rely on. Preparedness for different types of scenarios is key.

Liz Dunshee