January 21, 2022

NYSE: Annual Compliance Reminders

The NYSE has sent its “annual compliance guide” to listed companies to remind them of their obligations on a variety of topics and summarize developments since last year. The letter points out these two changes:

On April 2, 2021, the SEC approved changes to the NYSE’s shareholder approval rules. The changes eliminated related party limitations and bona fide private financing requirements in Listed Company Manual Section 312.03 for market price cash transactions. (Approval Order Amendment No. 1 to Sections 312.03 and 312.04) The related party transaction rules in Section 314.00 were also clarified in connection with this and a subsequent amendment on August 26, 2021. (Approval Order Amendment to Section 314.00)

On November 19, 2021, the SEC approved changes to NYSE’s policy on how abstentions are treated in votes cast on matters requiring shareholder approval. Issuers now must calculate the votes cast in accordance with their own governing documents and any applicable state law. (Approval OrderAmendment to Section 312.07)

The NYSE’s annual letter is a good resource to have on hand – all the NYSE email and telephone number contact information is provided and the letter explains when and how listed companies should contact the exchange for various matters. For links to NYSE resources, as well as memos & analysis on NYSE compliance issues, visit our “NYSE Guidance” Practice Area.

Liz Dunshee