January 13, 2022

NACD Releases 2022 Governance Outlook

The National Association of Corporate Directors recently published its 2022 Governance Outlook, which is designed to give corporate directors and senior executives a comprehensive overview of major business and governance issues that are likely to demand board focus over the coming year.

The topics addressed in the NACD Governance Outlook include:

  • Board Agendas Must Change to Meet 2022 Director Priorities
  • Embracing Greater Investor Interest in ESG Practices
  • The Role of the Board in Overseeing ESG
  • How Purpose is Changing the Board M&A Oversight Role: What Directors Are Saying
  • Board Responsibilities in Mitigating Ransomware Risk in 2022
  • The Role of Boards in Assessing DE&I Practices with Advanced Data Analytics
  • Directors and Officers Liability Threat and Insurance 2022 Outlook

– Dave Lynn