December 3, 2021

Upcoming Webcast: The Brave New World of Antitrust Merger Review & Enforcement

I am always the first to admit that I am not an M&A guy. I recall working on my one and only M&A assignment when I was an associate, and I am pretty sure that I barely made it through that deal. I still feel bad for the attorney who had to supervise me on that one. But you don’t have to be an M&A person to know that we are in a whole new world when it comes to antitrust merger reviews and enforcement. While we talk a lot about how the environment has significantly changed at the SEC over the past year, the extent to which the pendulum has swung on the antitrust front is next level stuff.

That is why you should definitely join us on next Tuesday, December 7th at 2:00pm EST for the webcast “The Brave New World of Antitrust Merger Review & Enforcement.” In this brave new world, merger review and enforcement decisions will affect our clients and companies, so it is important to understand where things are going – even if you are not an M&A person!

If you do not have a subscription to access all of the great resources on like this webcast, email today.

– Dave Lynn