November 3, 2021

Annual Reporting: Slide Deck on the MD&A New Rules

If you’re looking for a refresher to help you comply with the new MD&A disclosure rules, check out this slide deck from Bass Berry.  In today’s first blog, I noted Bryan Cave’s statement about not reading these rules in a vacuum. The SEC’s decision to eliminate the specific line item requirement to disclose the impact of inflation illustrates that point. It appears that the SEC dropped that line item just in time for the issue to become relevant again for many businesses. As this excerpt from the deck points out, the new rules may not single out inflation, but it still needs to be discussed if material:

– Eliminated prior Item 303(a)(3)(iv) which required discussion of the impact of inflation and price changes, and related prior Instructions 8 and 9.

– Adopting release notes that a discussion of inflation or changing prices will be required if they are part of a known trend or uncertainty.

– Further, amended Item 303 requires disclosure of the underlying reasons for material changes to financial statements from period-to-period, which may implicate a discussion of inflation and changing prices

John Jenkins