October 25, 2021

Transcript: “Navigating De-SPACs in Heavy Seas”

We’ve posted the transcript for our recent webcast: “Navigating De-SPACs in Heavy Seas.” This program provided a lot of great practical guidance on handling the increasingly complex and challenging De-SPAC process. Erin Cahill of PwC, Bill Demers of POINT BioPharma, Reid Hooper of Cooley and Jay Knight of Bass Berry & Simms addressed the following topics:

– Overview of the Current Environment for SPAC Deals
– Negotiating Key Deal Terms/Addressing Target Concerns
– The PIPE Market and Alternative Financing Methods
– Target Preparations to Go Public Through a SPAC
– Managing the Financing and Shareholder Approval Process
– Post-Closing Issues

We made this webcast available as a bonus to member of, and so we’ve posted the transcript on this site as well.

Liz Dunshee