September 17, 2021

Transcript: “Newly Public – Building Reporting & Governance Functions”

The transcript from our recent webcast – “Newly Public: Building Reporting & Governance Functions” – is now available to our members. This webcast was full of practical tips for anyone preparing for or recently emerging from an IPO – or considering a move to a company that’s preparing to go public. Fenwick’s Dave Bell, National Vision’s Jared Brandman, Vontier’s Courtney Kamlet and DocuSign’s TrĂ¢m Phi discussed:

1. IPO Backstories

2. Why Advance IPO Planning is Required

3. Identifying Responsibilities

4. Setting Cost Expectations

5. Engaging Service Providers

6. Setting Timetables

7. Establishing Director Relationships & Expectations

8. Determining Your Disclosure Style

9. Cultural Transition

10. How Outside Counsel & Peers Can Help

Liz Dunshee