September 29, 2021

Our Congress at Work: The Mind Your Own Business Act

It is good to know that, with major issues looming such as a government shutdown and the need to extend the debt ceiling, some of our representatives in Congress are focused on pieces of legislation like the Mind Your Own Business Act of 2021. Senator Marco Rubio announced that he had introduced this legislation last week, with the purpose of enabling shareholders to hold “woke” corporations accountable. The announcement states:

Specifically, the legislation would require corporate directors to prove their “woke” corporate actions were in their shareholders’ best interest in order to avoid liability for breach of fiduciary duty in shareholder litigation over corporate actions relating to certain social policies. It would also incentivize corporate management to stop abusing their positions to advance left-wing social policies by increasing their personal liability to shareholders for breaches of fiduciary duty resulting from those policies.

The provisions of the legislation include the following:

We will monitor the progress of this legislation, but my guess is that, in the current political environment, this one might be singing “I’m just a bill/Yes, I’m only a bill/And I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill.”

– Dave Lynn