September 2, 2021

Farewell to Jim Cheek

I’m afraid that I have some very sad news to report from our friends at Bass, Berry & Sims:

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that our friend and Bass, Berry & Sims colleague Jim Cheek passed away last week. He was a legend in the legal industry, especially in the area of corporate and securities law, and he is remembered as an inspiring leader and mentor. His legal acumen and commitment to service and meaningful relationships with clients, colleagues, and friends have shaped our law firm and the broader legal community, and his influence will remain central to that foundation for years to come.

Last year markehisd Jim’s 50th anniversary with Bass, Berry & Sims. As we reminisce about Jim and his impact on the firm, we find solace in knowing we had the opportunity to celebrate his career through a video tribute and dedication of our Nashville boardroom in his honor. We invite you to watch the video, which can be found here, in remembrance of a great man.

I’d like to offer the condolences of everyone here at to Jim’s friends and family. I never had the pleasure of meeting Jim Cheek, but I can tell you that he was a role model and inspiration for me and many other securities law practitioners in the “flyover states.”  Despite the concentration of legal talent on the coasts, Jim’s example showed those of us who weren’t in major east or west coast markets that we also could make meaningful contributions to the national dialogue on securities and corporate law issues.

Bass Berry says that it is collecting quotes in remembrance of Jim Cheek that the firm will share with his family. If you’d like to contribute, the firm invites you to email your tribute to

John Jenkins