August 3, 2021

The Deep Dive with Dave Podcast

I started the Deep Dive with Dave podcast last year as a successor to the Dave & Marty Radio Show podcast that Marty Dunn and I had done on and off over the past decade. Much like the Dave & Marty Radio Show, the Deep Dive with Dave podcast covers topics that I believe are of most interest to our members, bringing you the practical advice that everyone expects from and our related publications. I have hosted a few workshops on topics such as risk factors and confidential treatment, and covered the implementation of several of the rulemakings that the SEC completed in 2020. I would love to hear from you about topics that you would like to be covered on the Deep Dive with Dave podcast – send me an email or give me a call with your suggestions.

As Liz mentioned last week, John Jenkins and I take a deep dive into the latest issue of The Corporate Counsel in this new episode of the Deep Dive with Dave podcast.

Dave Lynn