July 29, 2021

Audit Firm Market Share By Filer Status: Big 4 Stays Big

Lynn blogged recently that smaller companies are less likely to use Big Four audit firms. For an even more detailed breakdown of audit firm market share based on filer status, take a look at this recent Audit Analytics blog. Here’s an excerpt:

– Large Accelerated Filers: EY audits almost 30%, and the Big Four collectively audit almost 91% of this market

– Accelerated Filers: the Big Four, together with Grant Thornton and BDO, audit over 72% of these filers

– Non-Accelerated Filers: the Big Four and Marcum account for 57.5% of this market

– Smaller Reporting Companies: BF Borgers, M&K CPAs, Boyle CPA, Prager Metis, RBSM, Turner Stone & Company and Baker Tilly collectively audit 25% of this market, the remaining 77% is audited by 177 other firms

– Liz Dunshee