September 13, 2019

Our “Q&A Forum”: The Big 10,000!

In our “Q&A Forum,” we have reached query #10,000 (although the “real” number is much higher since many queries have others piggy-backed upon them). So crazy. There was a time that I thought I should quit this gig when we hit 5000. For me, answering the questions is one of the hardest parts of this job. The first 14 years handling the queries was rough (even with help from many folks, including Alan & Dave) – but since John came on board three years ago, it’s been easy for me because he’s been the master handling that task.

Anyway, I know this is patting ourselves on the back – but it’s 17 years of sharing expert knowledge and it’s quite a resource. Combined with the “Q&A Forums” on our other sites, there have been well over 30,000 questions answered. We beat Alan Dye to the punch, as he has over 9600 questions answered over on He’ll get to 10,000 soon enough…

You are reminded that we welcome your own input into any query you see. And note there is no need to identify yourself if you are inclined to remain anonymous when you post a reply (or a question). And of course, remember the disclaimer that you need to conduct your own analysis & that any answers don’t contain legal advice.

Auditor Independence: SEC’s Chief Accountant Updates FAQs

The SEC’s Office of Chief Accountant has updated its “Auditor Independence FAQs.” See this Cooley blog

Corp Fin Is Hiring Lawyers!

It’s funny to me that this is even considered news. But it is rare these days. Corp Fin has posted a broad notice that it’s hiring lawyers with varying levels of experience. My 5-minute video about how to land a job at the SEC is exactly 10 years old. I looked a lot younger then…

Broc Romanek