August 8, 2019

Inline XBRL: Ins & Outs of “Exhibit 104”

A couple weeks ago, Broc blogged about some confusion around the Inline XBRL requirements that will be required for Form 10-Q filings by large accelerated filers this quarter. And with the 10-Q deadline looming for those with a June 30th quarter-end (tomorrow!), the dialogue has continued in our “Q&A Forum” (see #9960). Yesterday, Bass Berry also shared this blog about how to handle the iXBRL requirements. Here’s an excerpt about Form 10-Q – as well as Form 8-K (and see this Gibson Dunn blog for even more pointers):

Form 10-Q Question: As a large accelerated filer, should our 10-Q exhibit list include a separate reference to Exhibit 104?

Based on our discussions with SEC Staff within the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance, we understand the position of the Staff in Corp Fin’s Office of Chief Counsel is that a registrant should explicitly reference an Exhibit 104 in the list of exhibits. And because the recent EDGAR Filer Manual makes clear that a registrant meets its obligation under Exhibit 104 by providing the cover page interactive data file using an Inline XBRL document set with Exhibit 101, the registrant should simply cross-reference to Exhibit 101.

For example, Exhibit 104 could include a cross-reference as follows: “104 Cover Page Interactive Data File (formatted as Inline XBRL and contained in Exhibit 101).”

We also remind large accelerated filers that the recent instructions to Item 601(b)(101) of Regulation S-K were amended to require that for interactive data files, the Exhibit Index must include the word “Inline” within the title description for any XBRL-related exhibits. See Instruction 1 to Paragraphs (b)(101)(i) and (ii) of Regulation S-K.

Form 8-K Question: In a Form 8-K, are you required to explicitly reference Exhibit 104 in the Exhibit Index?

Answer: In discussions with SEC Staff within the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance, we received the following guidance related to a registrant’s Exhibit 104 reference obligation in 8-Ks:

– If the 8-K does NOT otherwise have an exhibit being filed or furnished under Item 9.01(d), then the company does not need to include Item 9.01(d) in the 8-K solely for the Exhibit 104 reference. (The cover page tagging is still required in the background, but there is no standalone Exhibit 104 reference in an Item 9.01.)

– In contrast, if the 8-K does have another exhibit being filed or furnished under Item 9.01(d) (e.g., there is a material contract), then the company should include a reference to Exhibit 104 in the Item 9.01(d) disclosure because there is already disclosure being provided under this Item. For example, the reference could be as follows: “104 Cover Page Interactive Data File (embedded within the Inline XBRL document)”

– The principle behind this position is that Item 9.01 is intended to have an informational component to it, and if an Exhibit 104 reference is required in every 8-K then the informational benefit of item 9.01 is weakened.

Fast Act: SEC Issues “Technical Corrections”

A couple weeks ago, Broc noted in his Inline XBRL blog that an incorrect eCFR of the Item 601(a) table was causing some confusion about iXBRL requirements. The SEC has now issued this 18-page release, which corrects the exhibit table and a few other items from the original Fast Act amendments. The technical corrections to the final rules do the following:

– Reinstate certain item headings in registration statement forms under the Securities Act of 1933 that were inadvertently changed

– Relocate certain amendments to the correct item numbers in these forms and reinstates text that was inadvertently removed

– Correct a portion of the exhibit table in Item 601(a) of Regulation S-K to make it consistent with the regulatory text of the amendments

– Correct certain typographical errors and a cross-reference in the regulatory text of the amendments

Today’s Open Commission Meeting: Cancelled

The SEC has cancelled the open meeting that it had previously scheduled for today to consider whether to propose additional Regulation S-K disclosure reforms. No word on rescheduling yet.

Next Wednesday: SEC’s “Small Business Forum”

The SEC will hold its 38th annual “Small Business Forum” next Wednesday – August 14th – in Omaha, Nebraska (and if you’re like me, you now have this ‘Counting Crows’ song stuck in your head). The SEC’s announcement summarizes what topics will be covered and explains how to access the meeting (you need to register by tomorrow if you want to attend or listen in on any of the breakout sessions):

As in past years, the format of the Forum will include a live webcast informational morning session followed by an afternoon working session where participants will formulate specific policy recommendations in groups. The morning panels will cover capital formation (“success stories from the Silicon Prairie”) and efforts to harmonize the offering framework, based on the SEC’s June concept release.

The afternoon breakout group sessions will not be webcast but will be accessible by teleconference for those not attending in person. Anyone wishing to participate in a breakout group either in person or by teleconference must register online by August 9.

Also, about a month ago, the SEC posted its final report from last year’s Forum – which included recommendations about modernizing disclosure requirements and harmonizing private offering exemptions.

Liz Dunshee