March 7, 2019

Survey Results: Board Portals

Here are the results of our recent survey on the use of board portals:

1. When it comes to board portals, our company:

– Doesn’t have one and isn’t considering using one in the near future – 3%
– Doesn’t have one but is considering whether to use one – 3%
– Adopted one within the past two years – 9%
– Adopted one more than two years ago – 84%

2. For those with board portals, our company:

– Licensed an off-the-shelf portal – 100%
– Built it in-house – 0%
– Hired a service provider to build a custom portal – 0%

3. For those with off-the-shelf board portals, we have:

– Asked whether our vendor has ever had a security breach – 24%
– Investigated our vendor’s security – 48%
– Plan to investigate our vendor’s security in the near future – 14%
– Not worried about our vendor’s security – 14%

Please take a moment to participate anonymously in these surveys:

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Corporate Lonely Hearts: Public Shell Seeks Reverse Merger Partner

I think Jane Austen put it best when she said, “it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a private company in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a public shell to reverse merge with.” Well, she said something like that anyway. . .

However, finding your corporate soul mate isn’t always an easy process – and maybe that’s why one lonely public shell decided to take out a personals ad to let prospective suitors know it was available.  The ad wasn’t shy about letting those suitors know that this shell had a lot to offer:

OTCQB Ready Fully Reporting Pink Trading Public Shell For Sale

– Selling control block (30,000,000 restricted shares)
– Has symbol, trading and quoted on the OTC Pink w/piggyback status OTCQB READY!

Other attributes included “DTC Eligible!” and “No regulatory issues.”  Of course, as Madonna noted, “we are living in a material world,” so a suitor wasn’t going to get all this for free.  So what was the price? “Cash & Carry – Ask $349,500.00.” The big question is – did true love prevail?  Based on my sleuthing, it appears that the answer is yes.  Our public shell – “China Grand Resorts” – seems to have found Jacksam Corporation, a maker of cannabis vaporizers for medical marijuana. The couple reverse merged last September & gave birth to a bouncing baby S-1 earlier this month.

Transcript: “Controlling Shareholders – The Latest Developments”

We have posted the transcript for the recent webcast: “Controlling Shareholders: The Latest Developments.”

John Jenkins