November 2, 2018

The “Nina Flax” Files: Things I Stalk on Amazon

Here’s another “list” installment from Nina Flax of Mayer Brown (here’s the last one):

Before I begin this list, I am going full “open kimono” on some of my crazy here. My husband counted a while ago the number of books I had bought for our son – at the time I think we were still under 1000. We have two shelves in his closet that are taken up by “closet books” (i.e. books for him when he is a bit older), we have three book shelves in his room for books, we have three ledges in his room covered with books, we have two baskets around his reading chair in the hallway upstairs filled with books, we have books in various places in his playroom, we have two baskets downstairs with books by his work table, we have board books all along our fire mantle and another area in our living room storage area with more books.

I love books and I want my son to love books. And I love having so many options for books always in the house because (i) I love reading to my son and (ii) I feel personally satisfied by reading stories to him when I don’t have the bandwidth at the moment to read my own long books. I am fully aware that this is an addiction – I am okay with that.

As for what I consider Amazon “stalking” – (i) it is on a wish list, (ii) I regularly check that wish list, (iii) I monitor for price drops, (iv) I consider when checking my wish list whether to purchase the item, (v) I sometimes read updated reviews/see if another newer product should replace the stalked product on my list, etc. However, books are rarely replaced or removed from lists.

1.Gail Gibbons Books: If you have kids and haven’t read How A House Is Built, you should read it; I have read it about 100 times (not kidding – it is a popular and ongoing request). Gail Gibbons is an author I came across when looking for train books, and we now have over 15 of her titles. They are entirely digestible for children, but fun for adults too, and always well illustrated. I have a separate “Gail Gibbons Wish List.”

2. Other Children’s Books: For this category of things I stalk, I actually have three wish lists – “Most Desired Books,” “Science Books” & “Other Books”. I really am not kidding. I check “Gail Gibbons” and “Most Desired Books” frequently to see if any prices have dropped – and books only make it on my Most Desired Books if I have read them or watched a YouTube video of someone else reading them or am reasonably confident that I will definitely like them (e.g., in Spanish and written by an author that I have already purchased books from).

3. Books for Me: Paper copies are usually on the “My Most Desired Things” wish list. I am currently obsessed with the Taschen Basic Art Series. Also, every time I hear about a book I think I might want to read, it gets added to my “Kindle Books” wish list or my “Work Books” wish list.

4. Random Things I Think I Might Want But Don’t Want to Spend Money On (Yet): Which either fall on the “My Most Desired Things” wish list or my “Other Things I Might Want” wish list (the former checked more frequently because, as mentioned above, it also includes books, the latter checked less frequently because it does not include books). These include refillable dental floss made from silk, a wood rotating Scrabble board, a larger Klean Kanteen coffee mug (the one I have definitely is too small for my caffeine addiction, and they have cool new caps), a Buddha Board, puzzles that are beautiful and hard, a tagine, and an under desk elliptical (it has good reviews, and I do have a standing desk…). I promise that the way I have things grouped makes sense (to me).

5. Survival Supplies: I am not a doomsday survivalist, but moving to California and shortly thereafter experiencing two minor earthquakes during the night has made me curious about supplies. I stalk the more “normal” ones that I might actually use, like a hand crank back-up power turbine or a medical kit, as well as those that if I camped might make sense but maybe could be included in a birthday or father’s day gift for my husband, like a stormproof match kit or wound sealing powder or sponge.

6. Socks: I have supported and continue to support a local non-profit that provides assistance to homeless pregnant women. They are always in need of supplies for the babies and siblings, and in the winter (even though it is not THAT cold here), what could be better than knowing you helped someone have warmer feet? I can regularly find good quality socks for under $1.00/pair because of my “Socks” wish list.

In case this wasn’t apparent, one of the reasons I love stalking on Amazon is because I have so many lists, and regularly create new wish lists, move things around, delete old ones, etc. It is list heaven. It used to have a cherry on top, but then Amazon deleted the ability to filter by discount – I am still not pleased and hoping they bring that function back.

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