October 1, 2018

Saturday Night Special! Elon Musk Makes a Deal!

That was fast. Elon Musk apparently thought better of fighting the enforcement action that the SEC announced on Thursday over his tweets – because on Saturday evening, the SEC announced that it had reached a settlement with Musk & Tesla.

What, I’ve got to work weekends now?  Broc never said anything about this. . . Anyway, this excerpt from the SEC’s press release lays out the deal’s basic terms:

Musk and Tesla have agreed to settle the charges against them without admitting or denying the SEC’s allegations. Among other relief, the settlements require that:
– Musk will step down as Tesla’s Chair and be replaced by an independent Chair. Musk will be ineligible to be re-elected Chair for three years;
– Tesla will appoint a total of two new independent directors to its board;
– Tesla will establish a new committee of independent directors and put in place additional controls & procedures to oversee Musk’s communications;
– Musk and Tesla will each pay a separate $20 million penalty. The $40 million in penalties will be distributed to harmed investors under a court-approved process.

According to this NYT article, Musk rejected a comparable deal before the the SEC filed its lawsuit. The sticking point was Musk’s unwillingness to accept the SEC’s standard “neither admit or deny” language (no, I’m not kidding).

Steve Quinlivan blogged his take on the settlement. This excerpt lays out the message to public companies with tweeters at the helm – and suggests that another prominent organization could learn a lesson here as well (also see our own new “Social Media Handbook” – and this blog by John Stark):

So the message to public companies is clear: If you have executives out there communicating material information on social media, you need to have disclosure controls and procedures in place to review the information before and after publication. Or at least one or the other. It would seem the White House would benefit from a similar rule.

Poll: Did the SEC Let Musk Off Too Easily?

On Friday, we ran a poll asking whether folks thought Musk should be subject to a D&O bar – 43% said ‘yes’ and 36% said ‘no’ (the rest punted). Now please take a moment to participate in a new anonymous poll:

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