September 21, 2018

Wow! United Therapeutics Annual “Rapport” (Not a Typo!)

Wow! I just got my hands on this year’s annual report from United Therapeutics. It includes something unlike anything I have ever seen. So creative. The annual report includes a playful video player – uniquely entitled “Annual Rapport 2017” – which includes a USB cord so that you can charge the video device and play it again.

The video starts with an actor talking about victim-shaming in clinical responses to dinosaur aggression in paleozoic New Jersey. Then the video goes on to explain what an annual report is (nice “shout out” to US Steel for the first annual report in 1903) – and then through the “elements” of the annual report. All done with some nice play-acting by an actress from “Saturday Night Live.” Makes it more interesting for sure.

My favorite part is clicking on the “Shareholder Letter” button – which results in an arrow pointing to the letter in paper tucked under the opposite side of the video player.

Looks like United Therapeutics also has fun with their website – the IR page has a zombie theme (scroll to the bottom). The company’s CEO seems dynamic – see this WaPo article about her.

Cap’n Cashbags Loves UTHR’s “Annual Rapport”!

Here’s a 1-minute video from Cap’n Cashbags displaying the United Therapeutics annual rapport:

September-October Issue: Deal Lawyers Print Newsletter

This September-October issue of the “Deal Lawyers print newsletter” was just posted – & also mailed – and includes articles on:

– #MeToo Clauses Being Added to Merger Agreements
– Shareholder Activism: Evolving Tactics
– Delaware Emphasizes Duty to Make Proper Disclosures to Stockholders
– Delaware Provides Insight on Minority Shareholders as Controllers
– Indemnification: Because We Have to Fight About Something

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Broc Romanek