September 18, 2018

Course Materials Now Available: Many Sets of Talking Points!

For the many of you that have registered for our Conferences coming up next Tuesday, September 25th, we have posted the “Course Materials” (attendees received a special ID/PW yesterday via email that will enable you to access them; note that copies will be available in San Diego). The Course Materials are better than ever before – with numerous sets of talking points. We don’t serve typical conference fare (ie. regurgitated memos and rule releases); our conference materials consist of originally crafted practical bullets & examples. Our expert speakers certainly have gone the extra mile this year!

Here is some other info:

How to Attend by Video Webcast: If you are registered to attend online, just go to the home page of or to watch it live or by archive (note that it will take a few hours to post the video archives after the panels are shown live). A prominent link called “Enter the Conference Here” – which will be visible on the home pages of those sites – will take you directly to the Conference (and on the top of that Conference page, you will select a link matching the video player on your computer: HTML5, Windows Media or Flash Player).

Remember to use the ID and password that you received for the Conferences (which may not be your normal ID/password for or If you are experiencing technical problems, follow these webcast troubleshooting tips. Here are the conference agendas; times are Pacific.

How to Earn CLE Online: Please read these “FAQs about Earning CLE” carefully to see if it’s possible for you to earn CLE for watching online – and if so, how to accomplish that. Remember you will first need to input your bar number(s) and that you will need to click on the periodic “prompts” all throughout each Conference to earn credit. Both Conferences will be available for CLE credit in all states except for a few – but hours for each state vary; see our “CLE Credit By State” list.

Register Now to Watch Online: There is still time to register for our upcoming pair of executive pay conferences – which starts on Tuesday, September 25th – to hear Keith Higgins, Meredith Cross, etc. If you can’t make it to San Diego to catch the program in person, you can still watch it by video webcast, either live or by archive. Register now to watch it online.

Register to Watch In-Person in San Diego: Starting this Saturday, you will no longer be able to register online to attend in San Diego – but you can still register to attend when you arrive in San Diego! You just need to bring payment with you to the conference and register in-person. Through the end of this Friday, you can still register online to attend in-person in San Diego. And you can always register online to watch the conference online…

E&S Proxy Disclosure: Good Examples

In our “Q&A Forum” (#9598), we were recently asked which companies did a good job providing proxy disclosure about their E&S situation. There are many to choose from – but we mentioned these:

– State Street
– Citigroup
– Prudential
– Jet Blue
– Entergy

Lead Audit Engagement Partners? Not Many Women

Here’s the lowlights from this new report from the CFA Institute based on the new “lead audit engagement partners” disclosure made by companies in their proxies this year (the report covers much more ground than gender of the lead partners):

– Only 15% of lead engagement partners of the S&P 500 were female
– Only 11% of lead engagement partners of the S&P 100 were female
– Percentages of female lead engagement partners by S&P 500 firms were Deloitte (20.8%), PwC (16.3%), EY (12.9%), and KPMG (10.6%)
– 30% of the S&P 500 were audited by PwC, 31% by EY, 20% by Deloitte, and 19% by KPMG
– We found no female partners among the 36 longest tenured engagements (those over 75 years) in the S&P 500
– We found only 6 female partners in the 107 companies with auditor relationships exceeding 40 years

Broc Romanek