August 30, 2018

The “Karla Bos” Files: A List of Lists – Part II

Here’s the second “list-of-lists” installment from Karla Bos of Aon (here’s the first one):

1. Things I’ve Moved To My JOMO List – To Practice The “Joy Of Missing Out”

2. Reasons Everyone Should Move Across Country At Least Once

3. The Name Of Every Plant In My Yard, Where I Bought It, What I Paid For It & When I Planted It

4. Barriers I Have Implemented/Need to Implement So Rattlesnakes Can’t Get Into My Yard

5. Home Improvement Projects My Husband & I Want To Do Ourselves

6. Home Improvement Projects My Husband Wants To Do (But I Think We Should Hire Someone)

7. Ways That “Urgent” Work That Gets In The Way Of “Important” Work & How I Try To Balance That

8. My MinimaLIST – Items I Never Use & Should Donate, Items I’ve Donated This Year, Things I Need To Let Go Of

9. Verbal Commands For Our Home Automation System That I Can Never Remember

10. Things I Need To Research & Source Before Buying (AKA What Not To Buy If Enough Time Passes & Apparently I Didn’t Need It After All)

11. Foods My Niece & Nephew Will – And Won’t – Eat These Days

12. Rattlesnake Emergency & Removal Contacts – And What To Do If Bitten

Sustainability Disclosure: “Give The People What They Want”

This recent 31-page report from Ceres – “Disclose What Matters” – benchmarks sustainability disclosure from almost 500 companies worldwide to see whether they’re providing the information that investors actually need.

The report acknowledges that sustainability disclosure has grown by leaps & bounds during a short time period. But some of it’s akin to throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks. According to Ceres, here’s what investors want:

1. Comparability: There’s been a lot of progress here – 70% of companies now use the Global Reporting Initiative Standards, often in conjunction with other overlapping reporting standards. As painful as it might be, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the available standards and help select one or more for your company.

2. Integration: Only about 20% of companies connect the dots to describe how their systems integrate sustainability values & assessments into business processes. Reiterating its spring 2018 report on “systemic” sustainability, Ceres suggests describing the board’s oversight role, materiality assessment processes, how assessment results are used in the business, financial relevance, and stakeholder engagement.

3. Reliability: Only 42% of companies give any indication that there’s been formal assurance for sustainability disclosures, and fewer than 10% provide the “holy grail” of third-party verified disclosures and recommendations for improvement.

The report also includes sector & regional findings – 80% of American companies are classified as “median” or “poor” performers – and provides “best practice” examples.

Transcript: “Retaining Key Employees in a Deal”

We have posted the transcript for our recent webcast: “Retaining Key Employees in a Deal.”

Liz Dunshee