July 20, 2018

Perks: Another SEC Enforcement Case!

As you can see from our list of SEC perks cases (posted in our “Perks” Practice Area on, the SEC has averaged one perks enforcement case per year for the past dozen years. That’s why it’s so surprising that the SEC has now brought two perks cases in one week. Coincidence or a theme?

In this new case against Energy XXI, the CEO & board were charged with hiding more than $10 million in personal loans that the CEO obtained from company vendors and a candidate for the company’s board. The company wasn’t charged, interestingly. Here’s a blog about last week’s case.

The list of perks in para 56 of this complaint raises a couple of interesting issues. Is a bar stocked with cigars and liquor – on company premises for use in entertaining customers – necessarily a perk? You might ask what is a “Denny Crane” room? (Hint: TV show “Boston Legal” – that’s the character played by William Shatner). Come learn what you need to know as Mark Borges & Alan Dye lead a panel devoted just to perks at our upcoming “Proxy Disclosure Conference” – to be held September 25-26 in San Diego and via Live Nationwide Video Webcast.

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Revenue Recognition: Private Company Struggles

We’ve blogged about how difficult it’s been for public companies to implement FASB’s new(ish) revenue recognition standard. According to this Deloitte survey, private companies aren’t faring much better. They have to implement the new standard this January – and 47% are either in the early stages of implementation or haven’t started at all. Only 25% are on pace to actually hit the compliance deadline. And just because these companies are privately-held, doesn’t mean they won’t have to explain the impact of the new standard to their boards, audit committees, banks and investors.

Transcript: “D&O Insurance Today”

We have posted the transcript for our recent webcast: “D&O Insurance Today.”

Liz Dunshee