June 4, 2018

Berlin-Bremen & St. Petersburg Listing Scams? Moscow Stock Exchange is the Latest

Another overseas stock exchange has gotten into the “unilateral” listing business (here’s a blog about the older ones; here’s our “Practice Area” about this stuff). Here’s the intro from this Skadden memo about the latest:

In April 2018, the Moscow Exchange, reportedly the largest exchange in Russia, announced that it intends to admit securities of approximately 50 major U.S. and other foreign companies to public trading in the non-quotation section of the list of securities admitted to trading. The intent of this move is apparently to provide Russian investors with access to a wider range of financial instruments.

Under Russian securities laws, a Russian stock exchange can unilaterally admit foreign securities to trading without the consent of the issuer of such securities. In the last several years, the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange admitted securities of a number of foreign companies to trading in a similar fashion.

Importantly, in the event of such unilateral listing by a Russian stock exchange, responsibilities for public reporting and disclosure requirements, and associated costs, rest with the Russian stock exchange, and issuers of the relevant securities are relieved from such responsibilities and costs.

Insider Trading: Greed Kills

Whenever an i-banker is involved in an insider trading case, I’m shocked. This latest one from the SEC is no different. The dude worked at Goldman Sachs!

According to this article, in 2016, a good performing VP at a bulge bracket firm could expect to make between $375-975k per year – and you know Goldman ain’t at the low end of that. How stupid do you have to be to throw that away? And as noted in this Bloomberg article, some of his inside trades resulted in paltry returns…

Reduced Rates Ending Soon: Our “Pay Ratio & Proxy Disclosure Conference”

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Among the panels are:

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6. Navigating ISS & Glass Lewis
7. Proxy Disclosures: The In-House Perspective
8. Clawbacks: What to Do Now
9. Dealing with the Complexities of Perks
10. Disclosure for Shareholder Plan Approval
11. The SEC All-Stars: The Bleeding Edge
12. The Big Kahuna: Your Burning Questions Answered
13. Hot Topics: 50 Practical Nuggets in 60 Minutes
14. Dave & Marty: True or False?
15. Steven Clifford on “The CEO Pay Machine”

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Broc Romanek