February 22, 2018

SEC Approves Cybersecurity Guidance! Our Big Webcast Coming Soon!

Despite a dose of drama when the SEC cancelled its open Commission meeting, the SEC released its 24-page interpretive release on cybersecurity disclosures in the early afternoon yesterday by seritim.

Here’s a statement by SEC Chair Clayton that indicates that Corp Fin will be reviewing disclosures to help decide whether further guidance – or rulemaking! – is necessary. And these statements by Commissioner Jackson & Commissioner Stein are a bit critical of the new guidance.

We’ll be posting the inevitable flood of memos about the guidance in our “Cybersecurity” Practice Area. I’m sure many will analyze the “duty to update” discussion in the guidance…

Our Coming “Cybersecurity” Webcast: Meredith, Keith & Dave!

Join us on Wednesday, March 14th for the webcast – “The SEC’s New Cybersecurity Guidance” – to hear WilmerHale’s Meredith Cross, Ropes & Gray’s Keith Higgins and Jenner & Block’s Dave Lynn discuss the SEC’s brand new cybersecurity guidance.

When is the SEC Required to Hold an Open Commission Meeting?

So the SEC approved this interpretive guidance by seritim rather than in the open Commission meeting context. Which really doesn’t matter – except the sudden cancellation of the open meeting made it feel like the guidance wasn’t coming out. The cancellation was probably related to another matter on the open meeting agenda – some liquidity rules that most of us luckily don’t care about. Read more in this blog about why the SEC isn’t required to hold an open meeting to approve rules or guidance…

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