January 26, 2018

Zombies at Your Annual Meeting?

It’s Halloween all over again! In this article, Carl Hagberg of the “Shareholder Service Optimizer” scares us. Here’s the intro:

One of our fellow Inspectors of Election left a message to say that a client just learned that protestors at their upcoming shareholder meeting would be coming dressed as ZOMBIES. “Have you ever heard of costumes at shareholder meetings? Any ideas on what to do?” he asked.

“Guess what? Coming to shareholder meetings in costumes is a very old tradition!” Check out this article for a photo of old-time gadfly Wilma Soss dressed as Molly Pitcher – and as a “Cleaning Lady” following the TV Game Show scandals – and one year, she came to the General Motors meeting in a wheelchair, wrapped head-to-toe in fake-blood-smeared bandages to dramatize a steering-defect scandal.

For some reason, this reminded me of “Scabby the Rat,” who pays a visit to businesses all over the country when the unions are on strike. Like me, Scabby’s a Chicago native, but he gets around. Even has his own Facebook page.

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The NYSE’s Annual Corporate Governance Letter

The NYSE has sent its “annual corporate governance letter,” highlighting considerations for NYSE-listed issuers as the proxy season approaches. The reminders include one about advance notice of dividend or stock distribution announcements to take effect February 1st…

Broc Tales: The Next Nine

Reg FD-style! Here are the second nine stories that have run in my new “Broc Tales Blog”:

1. The Inconvenient Truth
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5. Low-Level Employee As Spokesperson
6. The Director Spokesperson: A Bad Idea?
7. Who Should Be Taking You to the Dance?
8. The Most Confusing Part of FD In All the World
9. Training Your FD Dragon

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Broc Romanek