January 8, 2018

Corporate Culture: Easy to Say, Hard to Do

Nothing drives me crazier than going to a conference & hearing a panel spend time talking about the “tone at the top.” It’s high-level governance stuff that everybody clearly knows is important. It’s “Parenting 101” – if your parents weren’t good ones, odds are that you had somewhat of a crappy childhood. That’s “tone at the top.”

But just because everybody knows about it, that doesn’t mean ‘good tone’ is widespread. In fact, sound management is quite rare in my experience. I can think of a number of governance organizations that appear to have poor management! And that shouldn’t be surprising given that quite a few folks get tasked with running an organization without any prior management experience – nor do they even recognize that management is a learned skill. They need training. To be honest, you can count me among those in that boat! But in my defense, I don’t really manage anyone – I just “coordinate” our team here. Just the type of thing any bad manager tells themselves, right?

Anyway, Cooley’s Cydney Posner blogged about the NACD’s new report on culture. I received it a while back & posted it in our “Code of Ethics” Practice Area – but couldn’t bring myself to blog about it for the reasons stated above. Sound management starts with a heavy dose of self-awareness by the board & senior management team…

Interactive Tool: Researching Boards Around the World

Pretty cool. Spencer Stuart has an interactive tool that will allow you to compare global board trends in governance, compensation & more. It’s worth checking out as more institutional investors apply an international outlook to their investments.

January-February Issue: Deal Lawyers Print Newsletter

This January-February issue of the Deal Lawyers print newsletter was just posted – & also mailed – and includes articles on (try a “2018 no-risk trial”):

– Utilizing Social Media in Proxy Contests
– Planning for M&A Cybersecurity Risks
– True-Ups After Chicago Bridge: The Two Sides to Working Capital Adjustments
– Valuation Analysis: Key to Avoiding Failed M&A Deals

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Broc Romanek