August 23, 2017

Survey Results: Pay Ratio Disclosure

Here’s the results from our recent survey on pay ratio disclosure:

– Only providing the bare minimum disclosure – 22%
– Providing expanded disclosures with some explanations & clarifications – 22%
– Providing expanded disclosures with alternate ratios – 7%
– Providing expanded disclosures with carve-outs – 4%
– We don’t know our approach yet – 39%
– Wasn’t pay ratio repealed? – 6%

Please take a moment to participate in this anonymous “Quick Survey on Pay Ratio Medians.”

Pay Ratio: 271-1 Average Ratio in 2016

Here’s an excerpt from this new study from the “Economic Policy Institute” about relative pay levels:

By this measure, in 2016 CEOs in America’s largest firms made an average of $15.6 million in compensation, or 271 times the annual average pay of the typical worker. While the 2016 CEO-to-worker compensation ratio of 271-to-1 is down from 299-to-1 in 2014 and 286-to-1 in 2015, it is still light years beyond the 20-to-1 ratio in 1965 and the 59-to-1 ratio in 1989. The average CEO in a large firm now earns 5.33 times the annual earnings of the average very-high-wage earner (earner in the top 0.1 percent).

Transcript Now Available: “Pay Ratio Workshop – What You (Really) Need to Do Now”

For those registered for our comprehensive “Pay Ratio & Proxy Disclosure Conference“, we have posted the transcript for our popular webcast: “Pay Ratio Workshop – What You (Really) Need to Do Now.”

The first webcast was on July 20th – and the second webcast was on August 15th; transcripts & audio archives are available for both. The third webcast is on September 27th.

Pay Ratio Conference: Register Now!

Register now for our comprehensive “Pay Ratio & Proxy Disclosure Conference.” New Corp Fin Deputy Director Rob Evans will open the event.

It doesn’t matter whether you can make it to DC – because the October 17-18th Conference is available to watch online by video webcast, live on those specific days or by video archive at your convenience. And in addition to the October Conference, you gain access to three pre-conference webcasts – and this set of “Model Pay Ratio Disclosures” in both PDF & Word format.

Register Now: This is the only comprehensive conference devoted to pay ratio. Here’s the registration information for the “Pay Ratio & Proxy Disclosure Conference” to be held October 17-18th in Washington DC and via Live Nationwide Video Webcast. Here are the agendas – 20 panels over two days.

Broc Romanek