August 29, 2017

Course Materials: “How to” Pay Ratio Manual (w/ 138 Practice Nuggets)

For those registered for the upcoming “Pay Ratio & Proxy Disclosure Conference,” we have just posted this invaluable set of course materials: “How to” Pay Ratio Manual (w/ 138 Practice Nuggets).” This is 55-pages of practice pointers that you need now to prepare for pay ratio.

We decided to release these course materials early since so many are grappling now with the type of issues addressed in this “How to” manual. Just like the upcoming “Pay Ratio & Proxy Disclosure Conference” in October will comprehensively address these – and many more – issues. This comprehensive pay ratio event is one that you can’t afford to miss. Also remember that our third pre-conference webcast is September 27th.

Register Now: This is the only comprehensive conference devoted to pay ratio. Here’s the registration information for the “Pay Ratio & Proxy Disclosure Conference” to be held October 17-18th in Washington DC and via Live Nationwide Video Webcast. Here are the agendas – 20 panels over two days. Register today.

“Token Sales” & ICOs: A Primer

We’ve been blogging a bit about the emergence of initial coin offerings, also known as “token sales,” “app coins” and all sort of other terms (here’s our latest blog). Some members have asked how can a currency be a security. Rather than host a webcast on that topic, I think this 32-minute podcast from “a16z” does a great job of making something fairly challenging to understand seem simple. The brief discussion at the 18:29 mark about how governance works when a “protocol” is monetized sets the table for a fascinating debate…

Steven Clifford on “The CEO Pay Machine”

In this 26-minute podcast, former CEO Steven Clifford discusses the problems with CEO pay – and describes his plan about how to fix it (as noted in his new book “The CEO Pay Machine“), including:

1. Why did you write this book?
2. Can you explain the role of boards in setting pay – and how they might be “collectively” delusional?
3. Why might CEOs not be as important as many think they are?
4. Can you get into the topic of “peer groups” and how CEOs may not be portable?
5. How can excessive pay actually be a de-motivator?
6. I’ve always argued that any pay is “pay-for-performance” by definition. How are most P4P arrangements detrimental to a company’s long-term health?
7. How is “shareholder alignment” not the gold standard that many think it is?
8. What is your plan to fix the “CEO Pay Machine”?

This podcast is also posted as part of our “Big Legal Minds” podcast series. Remember that these podcasts are also available on iTunes or Google Play. Use the “My Podcasts” app on your iPhone and search for “Big Legal Minds”; you can subscribe to the feed so that any new podcast automatically downloads…

Broc Romanek