July 28, 2017

Survey Results: Pay Ratio Readiness

Here’s the results from our recent survey on pay ratio readiness:

– Fully prepared – even prepared draft disclosure – 2%
– Quite prepared – but haven’t prepared draft disclosure – 13%
– Somewhat prepared – running pay calculation & statistical scenarios – 20%
– Barely prepared – still assessing our workforce – 56%
– Wasn’t pay ratio repealed? – 8%

Transcript Available: “Pay Ratio Workshop – What You Need to Do Now”

For those registered for our comprehensive “Pay Ratio & Proxy Disclosure Conference“, we have posted the transcript for our popular webcast: “Pay Ratio Workshop – What You Need to Do Now.”

Pay Ratio Conference: Discounted Rate Ends Today, Friday

Last chance to register at a reduced rate for our comprehensive “Pay Ratio & Proxy Disclosure Conference.” The discount expires at the end of today, Friday, July 28th. New Corp Fin Deputy Director Rob Evans will open the event.

It doesn’t matter whether you can make it to DC – because the October 17-18th Conference is available to watch online by video webcast, live on those specific days or by video archive at your convenience. And in addition to the October Conference, you gain access to three pre-conference webcasts. And a set of “Model Pay Ratio Disclosures” in both PDF & Word format.

The first webcast was last week & that 75-minute audio archive and transcript are available now. The second webcast is on August 15th; the third webcast is September 27th.

Register Now – Discount Ends Today, Friday: This is the only comprehensive conference devoted to pay ratio. Here’s the registration information for the “Pay Ratio & Proxy Disclosure Conference” to be held October 17-18th in Washington DC and via Live Nationwide Video Webcast. Here are the agendas – 20 panels over two days. Register by July 28th to take advantage of the 10% discount.

Liz Dunshee