May 18, 2017

Choice Act: House Votes Next Week? (Still Dead in Senate)

The full House is expected to vote on – and pass – the “Financial Choice Act” as soon as next week. But as John blogged a few weeks ago, it’s not expected that the Senate will act on the Choice Act. As noted in this article from “The Hill” (and this Bloomberg article), Senator Mitch McConnell reiterated the view that Dodd-Frank reform faced long odds in an interview yesterday. And those remarks came before the Special Counsel Mueller bombshell. Events in DC may dramatically slow down legislation in all areas.

So for those expecting pay ratio to be repealed, you might want to still prepare since time is getting tight for reform…

Meanwhile, as noted in this press release, CII and 53 institutional investors with collectively more than $4 trillion in assets sent letters to all members of the House asking them to not vote for the Choice Act…

A Pet Peeve: Use of PR Firms

One of the “bennies” of this job is that I hear from PR firms all day long. Most of the pitches are completely unrelated to the topics covered on our sites. But some do fit – and sometimes I actually take up an offer to work with a client.

But what annoys me is when I get pitched to talk to someone that I already know. I just received an email to talk to three people that I used to work with! Why didn’t they just email me directly? All it takes is a one-sentence email: “Hey dude. How would you like to [blank].” In my opinion, you’re wasting money on PR – just sit down & bang out a dozen emails – should take about 10 minutes.

I pride myself on being one of the more approachable people in our community. That’s the philosophy upon which I built our sites. It just feels odd. Just south of “I’ll have my assistant call your assistant – and we’ll do lunch.” But maybe I’m overreacting. Let me know what you think…

“Deal Tales”: Our New 3-Volume Series

Education by entertainment. This series of three paperback books – “Deal Tales” – teaches the kind of things that you won’t learn at conferences, nor in treatises or firm memos. With the set containing over 600 pages, John Jenkins – a 30-year vet of the deal world – brings his humorous M&A stories to bear.

This series is perfect to help train those fairly new to deals. And it’s also perfect for more experienced practitioners interested in what another vet has to share. John’s wit will keep you coming back for more. Check it out!

Broc Romanek