April 5, 2017

More on “The Sad Saga of Disbarred SEC Chair Brad Cook”

Recently, I blogged about Brad Cook – who resigned as the SEC Chair when he got caught up in a securities fraud scandal & was temporarily disbarred in two states for lying to a grand jury in the case. Before becoming the SEC Chair in ’72, Cook was the SEC’s General Counsel and first Market Reg Director (serving as both at the same time). He was the youngest person ever to lead a federal agency. He was 35!!!

Like me, a lot of members responded that they had never heard of this fascinating story. And one member pointed out this transcript of an interview with Brad. It makes for fascinating reading. Also fascinating is this newspaper article from when he resigned. Wonder who has the movie rights…

If you read the transcript, bear in mind that all the names mentioned (Stans, Vesco, et al) were all players in the Watergate scandal. As apparently was Cook…

Clayton Confirmation: Senate Banking Committee Approves

As noted in this WSJ article, the Senate Banking Committee approved Jay Clayton as SEC Chair by a vote of 15-to-8 yesterday, mostly along party lines. Three Democrats voted in favor of the nominee. All 12 Republicans on the panel supported him. Final Senate action is expected in late April or early May…

Poll: Do You Care About JOBS Act’s “5th Anniversary”?

Today is the 5th anniversary of the JOBS Act. Do you care? Express yourself in this anonymous poll:

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