February 2, 2017

Will the SEC Experience Shrinkage?

Shrinkage. One of the best Seinfeld episodes. Anyway, the Trump Administration is targeting a smaller Federal government with much fewer benefits, as noted in this Washington Post article. Although the SEC doesn’t seem to be specifically targeted, it likely will be impacted by these efforts in a major way. The question remains – just how much?

We have come full circle from the aftermath of the ’07 financial crisis, when hiring 800 new Staffers was being bandied about – and eventually happened, an increase of total staff by over 20%!

How to Reduce the SEC’s Regs By 75%…

Speaking of shrinkage, let’s talk about President Trump’s goal of reducing government regulations by 75%. As I blogged a few days ago, the SEC is not impacted by the Executive Order. But let’s pretend it was. I wonder how the SEC would go about doing such a thing. Give me your feedback as to which rules & regs would go on your own personal “eliminate vs. keep” list.

But note that the rules of the game are that you have to keep or eliminate entire rule or regs, not merely portions. Give me your feedback & then I’ll roll up your answers – anonymously – into a poll so that we can crowdsource this thing. Thanks to Eliot Robinson of Bryan Cave for the idea!

Our Pair of Popular Executive Pay Conferences: A 30% Early Bird Discount

We are excited to announce that we have just posted the registration information for our popular conferences – “Tackling Your 2018 Compensation Disclosures: Proxy Disclosure Conference” & “Say-on-Pay Workshop: 14th Annual Executive Compensation Conference” – to be held October 17-18th in Washington DC and via Live Nationwide Video Webcast. Here are the agendas – 20 panels over two days.

Early Bird Rates – Act by March 31st: Huge changes are afoot for executive compensation practices with pay ratio disclosures on the horizon. We are doing our part to help you address all these changes – and avoid costly pitfalls – by offering a special early bird discount rate to help you attend these critical conferences (both of the Conferences are bundled together with a single price). So register by March 31st to take advantage of the 30% discount.

Broc Romanek