August 23, 2016

Our Revised “Non-GAAP Financial Measures Handbook”

Just revised for the new CDIs! By popular demand, this comprehensive “Non-GAAP Financial Measures Handbook” covers a challenging topic, from the basics to everything you want to know about Regulation G, Item 10(e) of Regulation S-K & Form 8-K’s Item 2.02. This one is a real gem – 110 pages of practical guidance – and its posted in our “Non-GAAP Disclosures” Practice Area. Big HUGE hat tip to Joe Alley of Arnall Golden Gregory for revising this beast!

Rule 12b-25: How Common Are Late 10-Ks

This blog by Audit Analytics includes a bunch of interesting statistics about how often companies file Form 12b-25s in order to facilitate a late filed 10-Q or 10-K. The stats show that NT 10-Ks have decreased significantly over the past 15 years (about 45%) – and that they are more prevalent among small companies; fairly rare for the Russell 1000…

Check out our “Late SEC Filings” checklist for more on this topic…

It’s Done: 2017 Edition of Romanek’s “The In-House Essentials Treatise”

We are happy to say the 2017 Edition of Romanek’s “The In-House Essentials Treatise” is done – and it has been sent to the printers. Here’s the 90 pages of our “Detailed Table of Contents” listing the topics – so you can get a sense of the Treatise’s practical nature. You will want to order now so you can receive it as soon as possible.

With over 1700 pages, this tome is the definition of being practical. You can return it any time within the first year – and get a full refund if you don’t find it of value.

Broc Romanek