April 15, 2016

Trump & Sausages!

This blog was not hacked. I scrapped what I had planned to post so that I can try a little social experiment. Below is a poll about whether you only bothered to read this blog because it said “Trump & Sausages.” But don’t fear, this blog really is about those two topics – and in the context of our community!

Annual Meeting Disturbed By (Thrown) Sausages!

As noted in this article from “The Guardian,” a fight between shareholders over free sausages at Daimler’s annual meeting broke out. The company served 12,500 sausages to the 5500 shareholders who attended. That’s a lot of meat! Brings back memories of Animal House’s “food fight” scene. “That boy is a P-I-G, pig”…

A Real Trump Deal Cube!

If you’re relatively new to this blog, you missed my year of running a March Madness-style contest pitting the hundreds of toys in my “Deal Cube Museum.” I was showing off the museum to a friend recently & was reminded that it does indeed include a Trump deal cube!

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